Luis Rodriguez was born in Havana, Cuba and raised in Florida. He has a B.A. in European History from the University of Virginia and a J.D. from the University of Florida. Growing up he was greatly influenced by the personal style of his mother and aunts and their stories of the chic and glamour of pre-Castro Cuba.

It was in Miami Beach during the heydays of the 1990's that he entered the fashion business. He assisted some of the top NY based stylists and editors of the time. After establishing himself as a freelance fashion stylist he moved to NY in 1998.

Some of the notable photographers with whom Luis has collaborated include Ben Watts, Jason Kibbler, Chris Craymer, Pamela Hanson, Tesh, Chad Pitman, Cliff Watts, Anne Menke, Liz Von Hoene, Daymion Mardel, Mark Abrahams, Patric Shaw, Guy Aroch, Daniel Riera, David Oldham, Jason Hetherington, Michael Dwornik, Olivia Graham, Alistair Taylor-Young.

He has been a contributing editor to scores of different magazines including the international editions of Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, ELLE and GQ as well as WSJ Magazine. He is currently the NY editor for The Gloss.

Luis has also styled many important advertising shoots, look books, TV commercials and runway shows for clients as diverse as Macy's, Jones New York, J. Crew, Nieman Marcus, Anne Klein, Lord & Taylor, Kohl's, Target, Fossil, Kate Spade, F&F, Nordstrom, Nine West, Avon, LensCrafters, L'oreal, Urban Decay Cosmetics amongst others.

He currently works in both NY and London while his base is in NY.



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